I move, breathe, and live due to the people around me. My experiences are rooted in the beautiful lives that have become interwoven with my own. I owe my laughter, joy, and passion to the constant noise of my loved ones.

Being able to share your moments, to live in your memories even if for a small bit of life, is a gift and experience I will always cherish.

I want to help you remember the in between moments. I want you to look back at that day in one photograph and become flooded with small memories that were once a huge part of your life. I want you to remember feelings- not posed pictures. I want you to remember days- not just a time period. I want you to remember the in between, the craziness, the smells, sounds, and pieces that belong to your journey in this life. 

Portrait by Michelle Gardella


My bubby lifts my spirit with laughter, reminds me what good music is, and graciously accepts my big sister lectures.

My sister is my best friend, my pick me up when I am down, and my go to for a good time.

My father has taught me perseverance and will power, to keep a chin up.

My mother has taught me that silliness makes the world a better place, homemade apple pies are #1, and how powerful just being there for someone is.

My brother's soul is carried in mine, reminds me to live with love, to love in the moment, and to remember what is important.

My grandmother is never left without a kiss hello, or goodbye, her hands fit perfectly in mine, and she has taught me that our world should be built from values.

My family is packed with many boisterous cousins, uncles, and aunts who rock out with the craziest dance moves, are known by all, and loved by many.

My friends entwine my life with beautiful adventures, ground me, and push me forward.